About CFIC

In the month of September 1969 Fr Mathew met two CFIC religious, Fr Peter Broghi and Bro Romeo Simoni at Cheruvandoor, Kottayam. By the end of the year he received an invitation from the superior General and he presented it to his Bishop. After a long silence he was permitted to join in the congregation. Thus Fr. Mathew left for Rome on the June 1971 at La Storta Rome.

On 24th June 1972 Fr Mathew with Fr Victoria visited India and they got the permission from Bishop Cornelious of Vijayapuram Diocese to open the first house Nirmalagiri, at Peroor. The first house, Nirmalagiri was blessed on 25th May 1976 by Bishop Cornelious.

After the initial growth that gave priority to vocation and formation, the CFIC in India gradually flourished with its variety of charitable activities manifesting all aspects of the charism of its founder blessed Luigi Maria Monti. At present the Indian CFIC has eleven communities. The CFIC in India though took bright in Kerala it flourished and extended its branches to the near by states like Karnataka, Andra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.