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  • 21Dec

    Arts Day

    • ST. Mary's Arts and Science college held its ARTS DAY on 21-12-2018. Arts serve a vital function in society and human history, one we can easily overlook despite the presence of the arts in our everyday lives. We believe that the arts provide an essential means of gaining perspective. It is our obligation as an institution to ready our students for independent and successful living, and it is absolutely integral that the arts are recognized as an important part of this preparation process. The purpose of the Celebration of the Arts Day is to highlight our students' creative ambition and drive and to give them a chance to showcase their hard work and inspiration. Since creativity and innovation do not come in a single form or medium, our showcase highlights student work from a diverse range of genres; including Nadan pattu, thiruvathira, oppana, mimicry, mono act etc. it was a colorful and unforgettable day for St.Mary's.

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