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Onam Celebration 2023

Onam Celebration 2023 at St. Mary's Arts and Science College We are thrilled to share the joy and vibrancy of our Onam celebration at St. Mary's Arts and Science College in 2023. Onam, the festival that unites hearts with the spirit of harvest and cultural richness, was celebrated with fervor, enthusiasm, and a sense of togetherness. Event Highlights: Onam Celebration 2023 1. Pookalam Competition: Our campus bloomed with vibrant and intricate floral arrangements as students participated in a lively Pookalam (flower carpet) competition. The creativity and artistic flair displayed were a true reflection of the festive spirit. 2. Traditional Attire: The campus was adorned with a riot of colors as students and staff embraced the traditional attire of Kerala. The sight of everyone dressed in the traditional Mundu and Kasavu Sarees added a touch of authenticity to the celebration. 3. Onam Sadya: The grand Onam feast, known as Onam Sadya, was a culinary delight with a spread of delicious traditional Kerala dishes. The feast brought everyone together, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie. 4. Cultural Performances: Students showcased their talents through various cultural performances, including traditional dance forms like Thiruvathira and Kaikottikali. The stage came alive with music, dance, and drama, capturing the essence of Kerala's rich cultural heritage. 5. Onam Games and Competitions: Fun-filled games and competitions added an extra layer of excitement to the celebration. From tug-of-war to coconut tree climbing, everyone participated with great enthusiasm, creating a lively and energetic atmosphere. 6. Maveli's Visit: No Onam celebration is complete without the symbolic visit of King Mahabali (Maveli). The presence of Maveli added a touch of tradition and mythology to the festivities. Community Involvement: Beyond the campus, our Onam celebration extended to community outreach initiatives. Students engaged in charitable activities, contributing to the joy of those in need and embodying the true spirit of giving during this festive season. Gratitude and Unity: The Onam Celebration 2023 at St. Mary's Arts and Science College was a testament to the unity, cultural diversity, and gratitude that define this auspicious festival. It brought students, faculty, and staff together in a celebration of harmony and togetherness. As we cherish the memories of this joyous occasion, we look forward to many more celebrations that strengthen the bonds of our St. Mary's community. Wishing everyone a prosperous and joy-filled year ahead! Happy Onam!

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